Ausstellung INSIDE O U T mit Litto/Daniela Weiss und Hideo Snes

Litto / Daniela Weiss, explores the hybridization of analog and digital worlds through art. She examines identity creation in the digital realm and the interplay between analog and digital memory on human performance. In “Reterritorialized Spaces,” she explores archiving and preserving meeting places to study virtual and digital realms.

Hidéo SNES explores the hybridity of analog and digital spaces in their artistic research, focusing on identity and authorship. They examine the divide between artists and photographic equipment, and the use of AI in art. By asking what makes an image or a photograph, they use artistic metaphors to outline a long-standing conflict since the invention of photography, now fueled by machine learning.

Viennese artists Litto/Daniela Weiss and Hidéo SNES explore the facets of digital identity in their joint exhibition “Inside Out.” They investigate how it is constructed, the post-digital connections between AR & AI, and how they affect our bodies and society in a time when reality, augmented reality, and digital reality are deeply intertwined.

The gallery Frewein-Kazakbaev provides a closer look at this interweaving. Their exhibition is a multi-layered, emotionally stimulating exploration of themes that we too often accept without question in the digital realm: identity, authorship, and performance.